NT & QLD Licence Package (Spanish Mackerel / Black Jewfish / Various Species)

Price: See Description for Details

NT & QLD Licence Package FOR SALE;

NT Spanish Mackerel Fishery – $650,000 + GST – 1 x Licence, pending quota allocation in this fishery, estimated allocation of 20T of SM Fillets, Licence enables access to the NT Spanish Mackerel resource using trolled lures, baited lines, floated hand lines and rods and 2 x Dories from Mother Ship.

NT Coastal Line Fishery (East) x 5 Licences – $300,000 + GST (combined) – primary target species Black Jewfish & Golden Snapper – catch in Eastern Zone is not subject to quotas, fishery extends from NT Coastline to 15 NM seaward from Vashon Head to the QLD Border, permitted gear includes 5 x Traps per licence, dropline (6 – 40 Hooks), handline, rod and line and cast nets (for bait only)

QLD Fishery Symbol N13 – $150,000 + GST – this is unique access to the QLD N13 Area being the only symbol issued for this area and gear class. Permitted species include Black Jewfish, Barred Javelin, Blue Threadfin, Grey Mackerel, King Threadfin, Queenfish, Scaly Jewfish, various Shark Species, the N13 area encompasses the QLD portion of the Gulf of Carpentaria and enables the use of 1800m of set mesh net (power-assisted), 160mm to 165mm mesh size.

Quota / Licence information

Fishery NT Spanish Mackerel Fishery / NT Coastal Line Fishery (East) / QLD Fishery Symbol - N13
Jurisdiction Northern Territory
Entitlement NT Spanish Mackerel Fishery / NT Coastal Line Fishery (x 5) / QLD N13
Area of Access See Description for details
Fishing Gear Type See Description for details
Transaction Type Sale (preferably as package and will consider seperate sale)

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