SESSF Scalefish Hook Boat SFR

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One of only 39 Scalefish Hook Boat SFRs available or Sale. Enables use of Dropline, Trotline, Demersal Longline and Hydraulic Handreels and can be used in conjunction with an Auto-Longline Permit for key commercial species such as Ling and Blue Eye Trevalla. Please call Christian Pyke on 0428 233 200 with all enquiries.



Quota / Licence information

Fishery Southern and Eastern Scalefish and Shark Fishery
Jurisdiction Commonwealth
Entitlement Scalefish Hook Boat SFR
Area of Access All waters off South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania from 3 NM to the limit of the AFZ. Also includes waters off southern Queensland (south of Sandy Cape) and New South Wales from approximately the 4,000 m depth contour (60–80 NM from the coast) to the limit of the AFZ.
Fishing Gear Type Demersal Longline, Dropline, Trotline and Hydraulic Handreel
Transaction Type Sale

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