South Australia – Miscellaneous Fishery Licence (Dive) – Scallop & Sea Urchin

Price: $180,000 + GST (Negotiable)

This unique opportunity enables valuable commercial dive access to South Australian Waters (Border to Border) for Scallop and Sea Urchin species. Culinary demand for high-quality hand-picked South Australian Scallops and Sea Urchin roe is growing in our domestic markets and this Licence provides affordable access to a start-up commercial operation or as a bolt-on for an existing commercial dive business. This Licence is well-suited to an existing abalone operation that is looking to diversify and expand their product lines.

Please contact Christian Pyke on 0428 233 200 with all enquiries.

Quota / Licence information

Fishery South Australian Miscellaneous Fishery Licence - Diving Scallop & Sea Urchin
Jurisdiction South Australia
Entitlement PIRSA Miscellanous Fishery Licence
Area of Access All of South Australian Waters (Border to Border)
Fishing Gear Type Diving Collection (Air assisted) - Scallop and Sea Urchin
Transaction Type SALE

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